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You are at the right place as you are going to see an ultimate solution for your PDF Documents (Swifdoo). Sometimes we are in need to Edit our PDF Document like you want to convert it or merge with others or wanted to compress it or simply Sign it and with this, you can do it in a blink of an eye.

It does not charge anything to download and use it.

Its powerful features help you to speed up your Work Efficiency – as the built-in Design of Swifdoo PDF & useful editing tools provided in it are the solution to your time and Work Problems. As it makes it even easier to make changes in any of your PDF Documents and Helps Convert PDFs into Commonly-used Microsoft Office formats.

As compared with other PDF Software, Swifdoo PDF only takes up 10 MB of disk space, which is really lightweight in System Resources and yet powerful in Practice. Its Interface is like Microsoft which makes it more familiar to its users. Now let’s see how you can use Swifdoo for making changes to any of the PDF documents.

Swifdoo PDF Download

First, you have to download it from this link for free – ➡️ Swifdoo Free Download the PDF Software – https://bit.ly/3235mEx

  • If you have windows 10, 8, 7 and XP then you can use Swifdoo.
  • It needs 1Ghz of processor or above to run.
  • You must have 150MB or above Hard Drive Space.
  • And lastly, it requires 1GB or Above RAM to Run Swifdoo in your System.

One of the advantages of using the PDF file type is that its format cannot be changed, no matter what but if you wanted to make some changes to the document? It is possible to do so using the Software Named SwifDoo PDF, and below you’ll see how you can do that by following a few simple steps:

Step 1  –  Opening the PDF File

  • Run the PDF editor on your Windows device and import the PDF file, which you want to edit.
  • Click on the “Open File” button in the Home window to select and upload the PDF file.

Step 2  –  Begin Editing

  • Click on the “Edit” button located here in the upper menu of the open window and then click on the “Text and Image” icon. You can now begin editing by simply clicking on the text that you want to alter or change in your PDF document.

Here are some of the powerful features that SwifDoo PDF offers:

Let’s know about each feature in detail:

1. Multiple Functions

SwifDoo empowers you to easily open and edit any of your PDF files with multiple functions such as Edit, Annotate, Watermark, Create, Stamp, Split & Extract or Insert Images to your PDF files.

2. Compressing the PDF Documents for Sharing

This compact PDF program enables you to smoothly compress any PDF file into a more manageable size, making those big files quite suitable for forwarding them to others. It also makes it easier to upload a PDF file of your choice from your computer, Google Drive, or from Dropbox and compress it. It will maintain its original content perfectly. “This whole procedure is precipitous and effortless, and this makes Swifdoo PDF a good selection for you, plus it is equally useful for users of all levels of experience”.

3. Edit PDF’s Content

With SwifDoo, you can edit any PDF material as an MS Word file with the options available here like to add, delete, and edit text or some images carried by any PDF. You can also Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V the text into Word and Office files or easily change their fonts.

4. Add Customized Elements & Crop Your Files

SwifDoo allows its users to sign the PDF document or add watermarks to the file. You also get the facility to crop your PDF to change page size and adjust the margins (borders).

5. Merge Multiple PDF Files

For sending multiple documents to someone; you can merge all of your files into a singular PDF. And this is done by the file merging capabilities of SwifDoo. The program merges users’ multiple selected files into a single PDF via a swift procedure that is both easy and fast.

6. Converts Scanned PDF Documents Into Editable Word Documents

The built-in OCR technology enables the users to read any scanned PDF text or images via the pdf to image converter, and it also converts them into Word. The DOCX formats can be edited and updated as the user needs.

7. Extract and Analyse Data

Most times, you receive crucial data via PDFs, which you may need to analyze through an “Excel Spreadsheet”. This Software is your ultimate solution for doing so as it easily converts PDF to .XLSX format and enables you to extract any data from your PDF files. With this, you can also view your documents in a .XLSX format.

8. Compress PDF Documents

SwifDoo PDF editor works ideally to reduce PDF file size. As this enables you to increase file transfer speed, save more storage space, and reduce the file’s overall size without affecting its quality.

Now here comes the Pricing Plans

The platform offers its users a free 7-day trial in which you will not need to pay anything at all.

Rest they have Standard Plans that charge users $59 per year and $69 in a perpetual subscription. And in Pro Plans they charge users $8 monthly, $41.4 per year, and $99.9 in a perpetual subscription.

Truly it is a great solution for those looking for a free online facility for editing PDFs. You may come across several PDF editing programs online that facilitate the standard user, which is why the wide selection could baffle you. However, SwifDoo PDF provides some unbeatable functions at reasonable price points and it also offers its users to get a free trial of Seven days. So, avail the free trial to check it out yourself and test the features by yourself.

Swifdoo PDF Download

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