Like Women Men’s skin also Require Extra Care

Whenever it comes to women and men’s original jurisdiction, then skincare is directly linked with females. As when there is a fight between brothers and sisters in the house and if the brother starts crying, then everyone says, ‘Why are you crying like girls?’ Or boys should never cry.’

In the same way that such a few sentences reflect the strength of men and their potency, things like make-up, beauty, working on looks are used in the context of women. While this should not happen. In today’s era, women and men are not behind each other in any field. If we talk of skincare, then it is also important for men as important as it is for women.

Women do Notice Good-Looking Men

Those who think that skincare and maintaining beauty are just women’s work must change their thinking. Because to carry good looks or to stay healthy, skincare is very important in both ways. It is also clear that men are not too old in comparison to women. It is said in all the research that women are quickly attracted to handsome and good-looking men. Just as women want that everybody should be attracted to see them at first sight, men too think the same. So men also need to adopt a healthy skincare routine.

Skin Care Tips for Men with Available items for you

Dr. Naresh Arora, a founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics, is telling some simple and effective tips for men to take care of their skin in routine life. Let’s know what the tips are-

  1. Always use a face wash that suits your skin type. If your skin is pimple prone then you must use a face wash that is specially meant to control excessive oil on the T zone.
  2. Aloe Vera Face Wash is the best for dry skin in men. While using the Pineapple facewash is best to treat oily skin.
  3. Those who have any kind of scars, pigmentation, scars, darkness, and sensation problems on their face should use Neem Facial Wash.
  4. Always use a good Toner after washing your face. After this, put 10 to 20 SPF Sunscreen on the face and neck.
  5. Men always had a chance to get cut on their face while shaving and may face irritation during shaving. To avoid this problem, after shaving, use an Aftershave that contains vitamin C. It removes facial irritation and lightens the cut marks and traces.
  6. Men should go to a good salon or to a dermatologist to get their face cleaned after every three months. With this, they can keep the dirt away from their face and blackheads will also get removed.
  7. Every man should apply Night Cream on his face while sleeping at night. It helps keep the face clean and glowing.

We are sure that when you start following this routine you may feel the change in your skin too, and you will become more confident as well.

The tips that we shared are proven to work if they followed in the right way. Men you too are special so consider yourself special and bring some time from your busy schedule for yourself too. After all, you also have the right to look handsome and get attention from the people around you.

Special Recommendation for you Boys to Treat your Skin with Oils

In order to protect your skin from scars, you can go for facials and some other expensive treatments. However, by sitting at home you can get lively skin with some Facial Oils that can be found easily. A lot has been said about the advantages of the Cultivated Oils. Regular use of facial oily will not only brings you’re a glow on your skin but also can remove skin problems. Learn how to use facial oils on the type of skin. Oil spills out from the skin within. Gradually, the natural oil present in the skin starts decreasing and the skin start gets dry. In this case, the skin needs additional care because the skin becomes drier due to lack of essential oils the skin starts to feel fuzzy, if the oil is less in the skin then for sure it looks fuzzy and wrinkles appear on it.

Skin Expert Neha says, ‘Always choose light oil for the face. It goes faster inside the skin layers and is suitable for every kind of skin. Coconut, almond, and sesame oil can be used. Add some quantity of Essential Oil to them and prepare facial oils and massage the face before sleeping.

Do not use too thick oil for normal skin. Jojoba oil is considered to be the best for normal skin. Instead of using it directly on the face, add some drops in the moisturizer or mix it in an oil-free night cream.

The most common problem is for people with sensitive skin. Due to excessive oil coming out of the skin, they are exhausted, so they start avoiding the use of oil. Many times, we use face packs to keep drying the oily skin, which is wrong. Acne means that the balance of oil and moisture in the skin has worsened.

In such a situation, it needs to be balanced. For this, make Facial Oil from antibacterial oil such as Tea Tree, Jojoba. Not only will it moisten the skin but also remove the Pimples and Dead Skin.

For such skin, make mercury, jojoba, tea tree, and argan oil and make facial oil. Join them in the face pack. It will be a better face pack for oily skin.

We hope these healthy and friendly oil treatments will help you rejuvenate your skin in a healthy and protective manner, and you can see the changes after doing that facial massages on your own at home with minimum cost, which means that will not affect your pocket too.

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[…] Like Women Men’s skin also Require Extra Care […]


[…] Like Women Men’s skin also Require Extra Care […]


[…] Like Women Men’s skin also Require Extra Care […]

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