Evereve Disposable Panties Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Pantie

For many women, their periods are not less than any scary dream. For me too, Stains were one big concern I have while I am on my periods. And so I keep on checking my back after every activity to ensure that there are no stains, The same happens with you? But not anymore!

Say A Big goodbye to your period stains phobia with these Life Saver Period Panties from Evereve. Now you can feel more comfortable in those hard days with Evereve.

When it comes to dealing with your period, you have a hell lot of products to choose from. Some people gravitate towards pads or tampons, while others prefer menstrual cups.

But the advent of period panties has created yet another choice — It’s admittedly pretty great to not have to change your routine while you’re bleeding or you can say in your Hard Days. Because they make you feel more comfortable.

Of course, You wear underwear every other day of the month, and all you have to do during your period is pull on a pair of panties designed to help trap moisture and stop leaks.

Evereve’s Innovative Everlock Technology gives you 360° all-around protection to prevent front, back, or side leakage.

Its super absorbent cover instantly locks overflow with 4X absorption capacity than sanitary napkins.

Evereve Panties fits like regular panties as it combines panty and sanitary napkin in one.

The Material used in Evereve Period panties is Breathable that makes it feel more Feathery & Cottony-soft.

With 4 Times more absorption capacity, as compared to regular sanitary napkins – these period panties are ideal for use in both day and night.

They are even easier to use :

  • Open the pack and take out the panty from the disposable bag.
  • Position the pink-lined waistband in the front and wear it like normal underwear. *You don’t need to wear underwear over it.

To dispose of the period panties, simply tear them off the sides and discard them by wrapping them in the disposable bag.

You can enjoy your stain-free period with Evereve Period Panties.  #NOTAPAD

Evereve – the New Age Period Protection

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[…] Evereve Disposable Panties Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Pantie […]


[…] Evereve Disposable Panties Ultra Absorbent Disposable Period Pantie […]

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