Desk Mat for Keyboard and Mouse | Keyboard and Mouse Pad RGB

A desk mat is a must-have for any desk. It protects the desk’s surface from scratches and stains, and it provides a comfortable work surface.

It is important that your desk mat be anti-skid and splash-proof to avoid accidents that can ruin your clothes or paperwork.

The best desk mats can be rolled up and carried with you when you need to move around, as well as those that can be reversed to double as a mouse pad or a writing pad. Desk mats should also be designed for people who work from home, which means they should provide a comfortable surface for working on the go.

Which is the Best Desk Mat? Which to find them? How much will it cost?

There are many questions that come to mind when it comes to buying a Desk Mat for Keyboard and Mouse.

Here are the Top 10 Desk Mat which will help you make the right decision to build a perfect setup for yourself.

1. Tukzer RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with 4 USB HUB

  • True RGB Backlighting (7 Colors – 13 Modes).
  • 4 Port USB Hub.
  • Ultra-Smooth Microfiber Cloth Surface. 
  • Anti-Skid Rubber Base & Neatly Stitched Edges.
  • Optimum Size.
₹ 4,999.00
₹ 1,599.00
Save +68%

Tukzer RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Features

  • TRUE RGB BACKLIGHTING (7 COLORS – 13 MODES): RGB Gaming Mouse Pad has Glowing LED Lighting Effects with a Total of 7 Static Lighting Modes and 6 Dynamic Lighting Modes. You can Turn ON/OFF Light or Switch to Different Lighting Effects using In-Line Single Button Controller.
  • 4 PORT USB HUB: This Mouse Pad is Powered by Standard USB-A Cable, PLUG & PLAY Support, No Driver is Needed. Also, it is integrated with 4 Post USB HUB, to connect Keyboard/ Mouse/ U-Disk, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. devices.
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH MICROFIBER CLOTH SURFACE: High-Density Textile Structure Optimized for Fast Moving when Maintaining Excellent Movement Speed and Maximum Mouse Control and Best Response Time. Easy to Clean, Fold & Roll without Fold Marks. Carry it Anywhere or Store Safely when Not in Use.
  • ANTI-SKID RUBBER BASE & NEATLY STICHED EDGES: Ani-Skid base prevent from Sliding on the Desk. This helps to Increases Comfort, Accurate Mouse Tracking Control and Consistent Stability on Your Desk while using. Neatly Stitched Edges Prevent Wrapping and Frying which Increasing Durability.
  • OPTIMUM SIZE: The Gaming Mouse Pad Will Fit Your Desktop Perfectly, It will Provide Plenty of Working Space for Professional Gaming or Home/ Office Work. Big enough to Accommodate Keyboard and Mouse Together. Dimensions: 795 x 298 x 3.45mm (31.2 x 11.7-Inch)

2. DailyObjects Turf Desk Mat for Work from Home/Office/Gaming

  • Premium Vegan PU Leather.
  • Minimal and Elegant Desk Mat.
  • Extended laptop desk mat. 
  • Handcrafted in India.
  • Designed as a keyboard mat for Computer/ Laptop.
₹ 2,499.00
₹ 1,049.00
Save +58%

DailyObjects Turf Desk Mat Features

  • DIMENSIONS – 85 cms x 45 cms | Reversible use | MATERIAL – Premium Vegan PU Leather
  • ELEGANT DESK ACCESSORY – A minimal and elegant Desk Mat that matches and beautifies the aesthetics of every work/ office desk.
  • EXTENDED DESK MAT – The extended laptop desk mat is designed to accommodate your laptop/ computer, keyboard, mouse, notebooks, stationery, coffee cup, organisers, and other desk accessories. Good quality PU leather ensures no mouse lag while operating this extended mouse pad.
  • MADE IN INDIA – Handcrafted in India, from raw material to production, this desk mat is a 100% Made in India product.
  • IDEAL FOR – A large desk mat, designed as a keyboard mat for computer/ laptop, resting space for mouse/ wireless mouse while gaming, work desk mat/office desk pad, office leather desk pad for typing, writing, sketching or gaming. EASY TO CLEAN – Splash-proof, can be easily cleaned with a piece of cloth.

3. Scarters Mouse Pad, Desk Mat Extended for Work from Home/Office/Gaming

  • Dimensions: 90 cm X 45 cm.
  • Tough-Built, Anti-Skid, Anti-Slip.
  • Comfortable resting surface. 
  • PU leather ensures no Mouse Lag.
  • Easy to Clean, and Sanitise.
₹ 1,995.00
₹ 899.00
Save +55%

Scarters Mouse Pad, Desk Mat Features

  • Dimensions: 90 cm X 45 cm | Reversible Use – Navy Blue & Yellow Ochre | Material – Premium Vegan PU Leather
  • Deskspread by Starters is a tough-built, anti-skid, anti-slip smart mouse pad/desk mat for use at your workstation at the office or at home. It can also be used for after-hours gaming by professional gamers.
  • This mouse pad/desk mat is extended and can accommodate your laptop / Macbook, keyboard, mouse, notebook, coffee cup and stationery.
  • It has a comfortable resting surface ideal for typing, writing, sketching or gaming and is friendly for mechanical and optical mouse movement. Quick response for consistent in-game control. PU leather ensures no mouse lag while operating this mouse pad.
  • From more than one computer to iPads, it is ideal for all screens used by professionals and gamers. Easy to clean, and sanitise, this splash-proof and durable desk mat makes an ideal desk companion

4. Tizum Extended Mouse Pad/Desk Mat Blotter for Work from Home/Office/Gaming

  • Made from Environmentally Friendly 100% Vegan Leather.
  • Extended Mouse Pad Desk Mat.
  • Usable for writing and typing purposes. 
  • Comfortable resting surface for your hands.
  • Water-Resistant.
₹ 2,499.00
₹ 849.00
Save +66%

Tizum Extended Mouse Pad Features

  • Built – This DeskPad Blotter is made from environmentally friendly 100% Vegan Leather. Feels great on your skin when you’re writing, typing, or using your mouse.
  • This Extended Mouse Pad Desk Mat can accommodate Laptop, MacBook, Keyboard, Mouse, Notebook, etc.
  • Usability – Effectively usable for writing and typing purposes. Non-Slip Bottom – Safe for any surface. Anti-slip underside to keep from slipping on greasy surfaces. Protects your glass / wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills.
  • The surface can be used as a mouse pad, a comfortable resting surface for your hands while writing, typing, or using the mouse. Wide Surface Area, with enough room for your Laptop, keyboard, mouse, sketchbook or journal and Big enough to Fit your Working Desk.
  • Quality – Water-resistant so it’s pretty easy to clean. Easy to carry around as it weighs only 860gms. A rectangular design with a size 35-Inch x 17.7 Inches fits your table perfectly.

5. Papercoal Desk Mat | Extended Mouse Mat for Work from Home

  • Reversible Flip when bored.
  • Spill and Skid resistance.
  • Desk Essential From work to study. 
  • The Prettiest large desk pads.
  • Smart Size Slim yet Durable Design.
₹ 1,995.00
₹ 875.00
Save +56%

Papercoal Desk Mat Features

  • Reversible Flip when bored — the desk mat has a rich leather-like texture with two different tones on both sides. Flip, and you have a new mat for your desk.
  • Spill and Skid resistance All you can eat and then some spilt drinks — the desk mat can take it all and clean it with a wipe — all while staying in place skid resistance works best on a non-porous surface.
  • Desk Essential From work to study, gaming and dining — designed to work everywhere. Rolls up for when you need it on the go.
  • The prettiest large desk pads add the perfect pretty touch to your computer or laptop area while also protecting your desk
  • Smart Size Slim yet durable design — big enough to accommodate the laptop, monitor, and your gaming console, slim enough to feel like a part of your desk.

6. Fur Jaden Mouse Pad, Desk Mat Extended for Work from Home/Office/Gaming

  • Premium Anti-Skid & Anti-Slip.
  • Splash Proof.
  • Easy to Clean and Sanitise. 
  • Top-of-the-class Vegan Leatherette.
  • No-Lag Mouse Pad & Multi-Electronic Spread.
₹ 2,000.00
₹ 499.00
Save +75%

Fur Jaden Mouse Pad Features

  • Style: These premium anti-skid and anti-slip desk mats from Fur Jaden are built to be durable and long-lasting. Reversible and dual coloured, our desk spreads add that pop of colour to your workstation, be it at the office or your home set up.
  • Additional features: Splash proof. Easy to clean and sanitise. Anti-skid & anti-slip. Lightweight and easy to roll up for commute or to store. Reversible – dual coloured. Large enough to accommodate basic desk setups.
  • Size : 90 cm X 45 cm Weight: 350 grams
  • Material: Top-of-the-class vegan leatherette. Warranty: 6-month manufacturer warranty against defects.
  • Smart design that doubles up as a no-lag mouse pad and multi-electronic spread. Safely place your electronics – laptops, phones, tablets, keyboards, gaming equipment, camera equipment, editing equipment and stationary to protect them from scratches & slips.
  • Transform your workstation into an aesthetically appealing focus area to draw inspiration from. Ideal for at-desk tasks like writing, gaming, creative artwork, and work from home.

7. UrbanMade Desk Mat Blotter for Laptop Large Extended Mouse Pad

  • Large Desk Pad.
  • Anti-Skid, Anti-Slip & Reversible.
  • Accurate & Smooth Mouse Operation. 
  • Wide Application.
  • A Perfect Organizer.
₹ 1,499.00
₹ 699.00
Save +53%

UrbanMade Desk Mat Features

  • Large Desk Pad: Our mouse pad large is 90cmx45cm long and is large enough to cover a full office table. The edges of this computer pad are smoothly finished to prevent wear and tear. It is stitched with soft leather on the top surface so, it is firm on the table. This office desk mat is recommended for speed gaming control. The simple and elegant design of our leather desk mat also makes it a wonderful desk accessory which is available in a double colour variant.
  • Anti-skid, Anti-slip and Reversible: Our computer table mat or extended mouse mat comes with high specifications of anti-skid, anti-slip, reversible, easily breathable and dual-side usable mat. Soft leather at the top surface with a smooth finish- gives high control over the keyboard and mouse. This computer table mat’s large size protects your desk from accidental spills, scratches and pen marks and this mouse pad long also offers a comfortable surface to rest your hand. Long mouse pads are easily foldable to a very compact size and portable
  • Accurate and Smooth Mouse Operation: Our Laptop mat for the table is made with a high precision process to provide accuracy in tracking and displacement of the mouse over the desk cover. The smooth surface provides free moving of optical and ball tracking mouse on the desk spread because the mouse comes with less friction raw material which makes the mouse move smoothly over the keyboard mat. It all becomes handy when using it regularly, especially when trying to meet tight deadlines.
  • Wide Application: The laptop pad for the desk has wide applications used in the office as a desktop mat, keyboard mouse pad, gaming pad and also as stationery accessories. Nowadays work from home it is highly used as a laptop pad for the table, study table cover, gaming mat, and table spread for hand rest. This desk mat can limit fatigue by providing a soft surface for forearms and wrists to lay on whilst using a keyboard and mouse.
  • A Perfect Organizer: This keyboard and mouse pad is a complete desk organiser. This mouse keyboard pad helps to keep the table organised, and clean and saves more space on the desktop table, helping to remove unnecessary clutter and distractions while boosting productivity working with the table mouse pad. Laptop table mats are designed and crafted in a superfine manufacturing process this sleek design of the mat allows you enough space for free movement. This table mat for a computer desk can be a great gifting option for someone who likes to be organized.

8. AFRITEE Desk Pad Desk Protector Mat

  • Made of Durable PU Leather Material.
  • 9 Different Color-Match.
  • Water-Resistant & Heat-Resistant. 
  • Multi-Purpose Deskpad.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
₹ 999.00
₹ 599.00
Save +40%

AFRITEE Desk Pad Desk Protector Mat Features

  • PREMIUM LEATHER DESK PROTECTOR: Made of durable PU leather material, AFRITEE desk pad protects your glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains, spills, heat, and abrasions. The upgraded desk mat is more durable and fashionable than an ordinary desk protector, which can keep your desk tidy and clean and boost your productivity.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED USE & GREAT ORGANIZER: 9 different colour-match office decor mats are available. Choose your colour to decorate your desk. The specially designed pad has the same material but different colours on each side. 2 sides can be used as mouse pads and writing pads. Come with a strap to roll up the desk pad, which is very easy to store and carry.
  • WATERPROOF DESK BLOTTER PAD: Water-resistant and heat-resistant materials make this desk cover durable and easy to clean. If you want to clean this desk mouse pad, just wipe its surface with a wet cloth. Odourless and high-quality synthetic leather adds elegance and brings a modern and professional atmosphere to your workspace.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE DESK PAD: 2 sizes to choose from. 31.5”x15.7″ is perfect to hold your mouse, keyboard, PC, iPad, or small office tools. 35.4″x17″ is perfect to hold your mouse, keyboard, Computer, iPad, office tools, and other desk items. The soft and non-slip surface of the table mat allows you to enjoy writing, typing, and browsing.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: We are committed to providing customers with quality products and excellent customer service. All ARITEE desk pads come with a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with our products, we can offer you a new desk pad or 100% money back. Get this risk-free great gift to your family, friends, and yourself.

9. UK Leather Creation Combo Pack with Turf Desk Mat

  • Dual Side Usage.
  • Different Colors on each side.
  • Wide Surface Usage – Size of 35″ x 17″. 
  • Mouse Pad with Desk Organizer for study Table.
  • Made from Environment-friendly 100% Vegan Leather.
₹ 2,700.00
₹ 749.00
Save +72%

UK Leather Creation Combo Pack with Turf Desk Mat Features

  • DESK MAT With Office Desk Organiser – Dual Side Usage – Different colours on each side, same material for all the mats, special design to use on both sides, 2 in 1 desk pad, just turn it over and you can utilize it
  • DESK MAT with Table Organiser lather – Wide Surface Usage – Size of 35″ x 17″, large enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, and keyboard, With Organiser for men that Dimension is-9inches X6.5 Inches (HxW)
  • MOUSE PAD Size – 9.7-Inch x 8.2-Inch X0.8-Inch, our mouse pad with wrist support fits well in a busy work area.
  • MOUSE PAD with Desk Organizer for study Table – No coming out comfortable soft memory foam wrist rest reduces fatigue and carpel tunnel – the wrist padding is not easy to separate with good press handing base and the soft slow rebound memory foam keeps the hand in a natural position, providing maximum ergonomic comfort for office or home-lather Desk organiser made with premium faux Leather with Button opening system
  • Desk Organizer For office table – Perfect organizer: Hidden storage box, the small box can hold a variety of small sundries about office and life, such as pens, rulers, compasses, paper towels, scissors, mobile phones, erasers, adapters and headphones, etc., refused to messy desktop and release the larger office space.
  • BUILT – This DeskPad Blotter is made from environmentally friendly 100% Vegan Leather. Feels great on your skin when you’re writing, typing, or using your mouse.

10. Offbeat -Extended Gaming Mouse Pad XXL

  • One of the Largest Mouse Pads available.
  • Enhance your Gaming performances.
  • Won’t Slip, Crack or Slide. 
  • Made of High-Quality Rubber.
  • Fits on your Desk or Gaming Table.
₹ 999.00
₹ 601.00
Save +40%

Offbeat -Extended Gaming Mouse Pad XXL Features

  • EXTENDED SIZE FOR ENDLESS COMFORT – Being one of the largest mouse pads available on the market, our extended mouse mat measures 35.4″x15.7″x0.15″. More than 3mm thickness can help you get a better operating experience when playing games. And fits on your desk or gaming table. Ideal for the office, work, computer stations, and your home of course! Enjoy endless comfort and keep your both keyboard and mouse nearby!
  • ENHANCE YOUR GAMING PERFORMANCES – Improve your gaming style, beat your opponents, and enjoy unparalleled precision and smooth moves with the coolest game mouse pad ever. Rank first at every gaming marathon and make everybody wonder! Reach the top and cherish fine gaming performances every single time!
  • WON’T SLIP, CRACK OR SLIDE – Designed to accommodate even your most demanding playing needs, this large mouse pad is crafted with a clever anti-slip rubber base. Forget about slipping keyboards. Forget about your mouse sliding. Forget about cracked mats. Now your mouse moves smoothly and rapidly in any direction you want.
  • WHEN ERGONOMICS & STYLE MEET – Made of high-quality rubber, this extended world map mouse pad is ready to withstand some heavy-duty use. The large rectangular size, combined with just about the right thickness and sturdy craftsmanship, make this mouse mat an absolute must-have for every gamer! Ideal for desktops, laptops, pc, consoles, and more!
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