HealthKart Best Calcium Tablets for Bones | Calcium Tablets Benefits

If there is 1 thing in the human body that almost every tissue and organ use, then Calcium has to be it. Regrettably, if you’re one of those who avert at the very thought of dairy products, think again! You’ll be putting yourself at a higher risk of calcium deficiency. Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the human body and performs various important functions simultaneously.

More than 99% of the body’s calcium is found in our teeth and bones; and the remaining 1% is found in the blood, muscles, and the fluid within our cells.

As the top macromineral in the bones, Calcium plays an important role in building strong bones. It is not only a primary structural constituent of the skeleton but is also widely distributed in soft tissue. Their Calcium is involved in neuromuscular, enzymatic, hormonal, and even other metabolic activities.

Daily consumption of Calcium varies according to age and Gender in the Human Body. So here is the Chart which will help you know about your recommended dosage.

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And I belong to the age group of 19-50 so my daily requirement is 1000 MG.

And to fulfill my daily requirement I took these HealthKart Calcium Tablets and I consume 2 tablets per day as per my needs.

HealthKart HK Vitals Calcium + Vitamin D3 Supplement, 60 Calcium Tablets, with Magnesium & Zinc, for Complete Bone Health & Joint Support - Women and Men
  • MULTIMINERAL NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT: HK Vitals Calcium tablets also include Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D3 and Cissus Quadrangularis to enhance bone strength, muscle strength and joint health.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBABLE CALCIUM: Calcium Citrate Malate (CCM) in HK Vitals Calcium is an easily absorbable and highly bioavailable form of Calcium. Vitamin D helps the body absorb Calcium better and reduces the rate of loss of bone density (osteoporosis).
  • ENHANCES BONE & JOINT HEALTH: Calcium with Vitamin D3 in HK Vitals Calcium is required for the maintenance of bones and joints. Cissus and Vitamin D3 help improve joint health by improving cartilage synthesis and prevent articular cartilage degeneration.
  • MUSCLE STRENGTH: Calcium helps in muscle contraction and muscle building. HK Vitals Calcium supplements also include Zinc which aids in muscle protein synthesis, a process by which consumed protein becomes muscle.
  • GOODNESS OF ZINC & MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is required for high bone mineral density to reduce the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Zinc is needed for bone regeneration.

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The Brand HealthKart Advance Calcium is an all-inclusive nutrition supplement for bone health, containing the most bioavailable form of Calcium along with Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2-MK7, Magnesium, Zinc, and several other ingredients that help maintain bone health.

We choose this particularly as it contains 100% RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of Vitamin D3 as well. Because The primary function of Vitamin D is the regulation of intestinal calcium absorption And Vitamin D3 also helps in skeletal muscle strength.

And this is my first trial of these HealthKart Vitals Calcium tablets. You can also go for them as they are Pocket Friendly too. So, grab your bottle from the link given below and enjoy its many benefits.

Last update on 2023-04-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

But do not forget to tell us about your personal experiences with us and what you noticed any impact on your health? We just love to hear from you all.

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[…] HealthKart Best Calcium Tablets for Bones | Calcium Tablets Benefits […]


[…] HealthKart Best Calcium Tablets for Bones | Calcium Tablets Benefits […]

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